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Welcome to the Swedish Red Cross University College!

We are happy that you have chosen to visit the Swedish Red Cross University College (SRCUC)! Please consult the information regarding your programme in the menu to the left (Erasmus+ or Linnaeus-Palme). There you will find useful information about Stockholm as well as the practical arrangements related to your stay.

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About the Swedish Red Cross University College

The Swedish Red Cross University College (SCRUC) is a highly renowned institution for higher education within the field of nursing. At the moment we offer a bachelor's programme in Nursing, several specialisations within the same field at a master's level (infection care, intensive care and psychiatric care) as well as several post-graduate research projects. Although the bachelor's programme grant the students the same degree as other nursing educations across the country, the SCRUC, as it is afiliated with the Swedish Red Cross, offers a unique global focus within the studies. 

The SCRUC (formerly the Red Cross School of Nursing) was founded in 1867 by Emmy Rappe and was the first secular nursing education in Sweden. Since the start, we have given nursing students the competence and skills required for global work and also contributed to the development of the Swedish healthcare system. The current campus is located in Flemingsberg, a rapidly growing educational centre of Stockholm, located in the Municipality of Huddinge in the south of the Stockholm region. Here we work close by and together with important actors such as the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Training (CAMST), the Karolinska University Hospital, and more. 

We hope that you will find your stay with us rewarding! We are happy to assist you with any inquiries that you might have. All the contact information available can be found in the menu on the left side, or by following this link.