Are you a forced migrant and identify as LGBTQ+?

Publicerad: 18 apr 2023
Lästid: ca

Participation in an interview study

Researchers at the Swedish Red Cross University are searching for you who came to Sweden from another country and who identify you as LGBTQ+.

The study is about your experiences since you came to Sweden. It consists of individual interviews.

Participation is completely voluntary and you who are interviewed will receive a gift card (SEK 500).

Click here to read more and express and interest to participate

Are you a forced migrant and identify as LGBTQ+?

We are searching for persons interested in participating in an individual interview. Those who are interviewed receive a gift card of SEK 500 after the interview.

Please click here to read more about our study and to express an interest to participate

Interviewers and responsible researchers

Tommy Carlsson
Docent, lektor

+46 (0)8 587 516 21

Tommy Carlsson
Maria Gottvall
PhD, lektor

+46(0)8 587 516 57

Maria Gottvall