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Healthcare and in case of emergency

Publicerad: 05 May 2021
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The local emergency units are available for urgent, but non life-threatening medical treatment. For sudden, serious illnesses and injuries, you should turn to an emergency clinic at a hospital.

Another option for seeking medical advice without having to visit a hospital or a clinic, is by calling 11-77 where you can get advice from licensed nurses.

For participants coming within the Linnaeus-Palme programme and who thereby are provided with a travel insurance by SRCUC; please note the restrictions of the insurance related to medical care stated in the insurance letter.

In case of emergency

Important! Should an emergency occur and your life might be at risk you should always call the national emergency number first, which is 112! Please save this number to your phone. This service is available free of charge from mobile phones and landline.

Emergency contact numbers at the Swedish Red Cross University College

  • International office (during office hours 9am to 4 pm): Jenny Cadstedt +46 8 587 516 72
  • Director of Administration (before and after office hours): Louise Beskow +46 72 519 36 40

Please note that this is an emergency number and should not be used for cases that are not emergencies. For non-acute cases, please contact the International office during office hours.