The Red Cross University College conducts research in the field of health and social care with emphasis on research in nursing science.
The Red Cross University College has a long tradition of excellence in research, contributing to the training of researchers and linking its education and training programmes to research. The University College has a strong research base across a spectrum of regional, national and international research collaborations and partnerships. As a result, over twenty articles are published in scientific journals every year. Furthermore, researchers at the University College participate in and contribute to national and international scientific conferences by way of presentations, scientific literature, expert reports and research reviews.  

The research carried out at the Red Cross University College is an ongoing activity and the essential foundation for an innovative education and training programme with a good balance between tradition and reform. The University College, dating back to the 1860s, has over the years, through its research, contributed in many ways to the development of our society. At present, the University College is actively expanding and developing the profile research performed at the college with the aim of creating additional research environments and projects that will benefit the society in matters of humanity, vulnerability and globalisation.

Researchers at the University College aspire to make a difference in certain key issues of interest to the college and the Red Cross Movement. Our aim is to gain national and international recognition for our profile research performed in connection with national and international collaborative projects or in research networking schemes and environments relating to a number of the subjects offered at the Red Cross University College.

Our research is often conducted in collaboration with researchers from other universities, public institutions, associations and occasionally, from national and international industries.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our research!