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Student life in Stockholm

Stockholm is home to several universities highly valued worldwide.
Stockholm is home to several universities highly valued worldwide.
Publicerad: 21 apr 2021
Lästid: ca

Stockholm, surrounded by water and located on fourteen islands offers both city life and a closeness to nature with open green areas for recreation.

Student union

In Sweden, student unions have traditionally played an important role in university life, and are often very influential forces at the universities

Students at the Swedish Red Cross University College tend to be actively engaged in academic issues, student welfare and in social activities and entertainment. We strongly recommend that you take part in this part of student life for a richer experience, as student unions frequently arrange social activities such as parties and other leisure activities.

Student discounts

It is not uncommon that you can obtain student discounts at several places and services around the city. These include inter-city trains, musuems and coffee shops, etc. Certain companies require a Swedish Mecenat student ID. Once you have obtained your temporary personal number (please consult the international office for it), you may apply for a student ID, however, some students have experienced difficulties in obtaining it and the Swedish Red Cross University College cannot guarantee that you will get one. 

Please note that the public transport company in Stockholm, SL, does not offer discounts for exchange students that study less than 15 weeks (full-time studies) which means that Erasmus+ students at SCRUC will not obtain this specific discount. 

Student guide:

For more information about what it is like to study in Sweden, and for information about living in Sweden as a student, please visit:

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