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Ny publikation av Mia Kraft

Understanding the Global Nursing Perspective   

Mia Kraft, MEd, MSc, RN Department of Health Sciences, The Swedish Red Cross University College, Huddinge, Sweden. kram@rkh.se  

Abstract A critical consideration of the global nursing perspective is recommended when advocating enhanced global awareness in nursing practice, education and research. Adequate knowledge transfers in global nursing are noted when nurses make appropriate choices in care actions and identify power hierarchies. The utilisation of nurses’ professional competence with respect to vulnerability in health is suggested and by focusing on inequalities in health and social justice issues in existing care hierarchies, an advancement of the patterns in global nursing discipline can be observed. This paper postulates that the global nursing discourse can be applied in nursing practice, education and research and make a contribution to equal healthcare.

Keywords: Global awareness; global health; global nursing discourse; transitions

Open Access Journal of Nursing ISSN 2639-1783 Volume 1, Issue 2, 2018, PP: 77-81 

Full article: https://www.sryahwapublications.com/open-access-journal-of-nursing/volume-1-issue-2