HemNyheterNy publikation av Maria Åling, Lars Strömberg och medarbetare

Ny publikation av Maria Åling, Lars Strömberg och medarbetare

Nursing Diagnoses Panorama in a Swedish Forensic Psychiatric Setting Using NANDA-International Taxonomy

The study aimed to describe nursing diagnoses in a Swedish forensic psychiatric setting. More than 1,000 Swedish hospital beds are occupied by patients in forensic psychiatric settings; their average length of hospitalization is 3–7 years. In this context, nursing diagnoses could be extremely useful to make nursing care structured, measurable, and internationally comparable. Data were collected from electronic patient records of 55 patients in a medium-secure forensic psychiatric setting in Sweden. The patients had between 1 and 13 NANDA-International diagnoses each. Forty-one of the 55 patients had psychosis as the primary ICD-10 code. The identified nursing diagnoses described the patients' status upon arrival in the forensic psychiatric setting. NANDA-I diagnoses individualize patient care and making the care person-centered.

Keywords: Forensic nursing; forensic psychiatry; NANDA-I; nursing diagnoses; psychosis; violence

Maria Åling, APRN, BSc, MEd1 , Evelina R. Nilsson, RN, BSc2 , Björn Garpstål, RN, BSc3 , and Lars Strömberg, RN, PhD Author affilations: 1 The Swedish Red Cross University College, 2 European Medicines Agency, and 3 Capio S:t Görans Sjukhus