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I am a Postdoctoral Research affiliate at the department of Health Sciences, the Swedish Red Cross University, Stockholm. Sweden. My research project is entitled ‘Pain Management Education Program on Global Nurse Practice’. The project is a collaboration between researchers from Sweden and Thailand, while the purpose is to evaluate the impact of a Pain Management Education Program (PMEP) for surgical nurses in Global Nurse Practice. Further, the aim is to develop, and implement a Pain Education Program (PMEP) for surgical nurses in Thailand.

The project has a developmental research design. The data collection of the first phase has started in November 2018 by conducting a systematic literature review. The second phase will be conducted through a Delphi Method. The Delphi survey questionnaires will be used in order to develop a PMEP and the examination of the program will be in next phases of the project including one -group pretest-post-test designs with a convenience sample of all nurses in a Thai-surgical ward.

I work as a nursing instructor at the School of Nursing at Rangsit University, Thailand. My career in health care includes working as a clinical nurse for seven years focusing on medical and surgical nursing. I have obtained my master degree is Nursing Sciences with a specialty in adult nursing care and my PhD degree in care sciences. I have experiences in conducting research studies in both qualitative and quantitative methods. I have written my PhD dissertation about post-operative pain management practice which I collected its data through observations, focus groups, indepth interviews and a critical incident interview approach.