Social participation among refugees

Social participation among refugees is a project at the request of The Public Health Agency of Sweden and consists of a systematic review of how the concept of social participation and its association with mental health outcomes among refugees and asylum seekers is described in empirical research. 

By using scoping review methodology, a total of 64 relevant studies that describe various forms of social participation among refugees and asylum seekers, including 33 studies addressing various dimensions of mental health outcomes, were identified through searches of the scientific databases PubMed, PsycInfo, and Sociological Abstracts. The included articles encompassed both quantitative and qualitative studies.

The empirical articles described different dimensions and conditions for social participation, such as legal frameworks, as well as formal and informal communities and associations. The results of the studies also imply that dimensions of social participation are related to positive psychosocial well-being and decreased psychological distress among refugees and asylum seekers. In addition, mental health was also described as a presumption for inclusion in various social contexts.