Diversity and health

The diversity in the society increases as the society evolves. In the future diversity will, in many respects, be characteristic of the population. Differences between groups, and within groups, regarding ethnicity, culture and religion, sexual orientation and identity, social position, gender, as well as function and health, will grow in importance for individuals and for the society. One example of the society's change towards increased diversity is the major refugee wave in 2015. By the end of 2015, 162 877 people had applied for asylum in Sweden (Migrationsverket, 2018).

It is well known that health is a prerequisite for participation in the society. It is also noted that humans’ health is affected by their varied living conditions. This means that the need for knowledge about diversity and health is growing in line with the increased variation of the population. The special conditions of the refugees represent a clear example of how health is affected by, and is affecting, social establishment and integration. The situation of the refugees reveals important links between diversity and health and point at major challenges for several sectors in the society.

The present project is a mapping of needs of knowledge and cooperation concerning diversity and refugees establishment in relation to health among some actors in the Södertörn region: Botkyrka Municipality, Huddinge Municipality, County Administrative Board of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council. The project is a collaboration between these four actors and the Red Cross University together with Flemingsbergs science. The result of the project will be basis for a new knowledge environment regarding diversity and health in the Södertörn region. The ambition is that the knowledge environment will be a national and international cohesion for collecting, developing and disseminating knowledge on the subject.

The mapping rests on focus group interviews with employees in Botkyrka Municipality, Huddinge Municipality, County Administrative Board Stockholm and a on a poll distributed among staff in Botkyrka Municipality, Huddinge Municipality and Stockholm County Administrative Board. The mapping takes place during 2018 and is carried out by researchers at the Red Cross University.

Project members

Fredrik Saboonchi, Professor
Linda Vikdahl, Project leader, PhD
David Gunnarsson, Researcher, PhD
Göran Ståhle, Researcher, PhD