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Undergraduate Nursing Programme comprises 180 credits at undergraduate level, which corresponds to six semesters of full-time study. The six semesters lead to a Bachelor of Nursing degree in Healthcare Science. Semester 6 incorporates a National Clinical Final Examination (NCFE) consisting of a theoretical and practical assessment in accordance with Principles of Nursing Practice. Around a third of the programme is made up of clinical education and training.  

The Swedish Red Cross University College aims to prepare you for the nursing profession by giving you the competence and preparedness needed to practise and serve in the development of future healthcare systems and services, both nationally and internationally. As a qualified practising nurse, it is our endeavour to ensure that you, in line with the International Red Cross Movement, have gained specialised knowledge and experience of working with vulnerable people in the society, disaster prevention and emergency relief operations as well as global health programmes.   

Our international partnerships give you the opportunity to carry out parts of your studies in Africa, Asia, South America, or Europe. Internationalisation is an area of priority for the Red Cross University College and focus is placed on nurturing collaborations initiated for the exchange of students, teachers and researchers and finding new, exciting and rewarding nurse training placements around the world. Studying abroad will enhance your cultural competence and provide you with valuable knowledge and expertise that will enhance your care of future patients, regardless of healthcare setting.   

Please note that the undergradute nursing program is currently only given in Swedish and is not open to international applicants.