Erasmus Policy statement

Erasmus Policy statement of the Swedish Red Cross University
Erasmus Policy statement of the Swedish Red Cross University
Publicerad: 05 May 2021
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The internationalisation strategy of the Swedish Red Cross University, 2017-2020 (2016:1, in 2020 the strategy will be renewed) states that the overall aim of all internationalisation activities is to conduct relevant education and research of high quality within health sciences, from a global humanitarian perspective.

A starting point for all education programs at the Swedish Red Cross University is that they are based on a global, humanitarian perspective addressing vulnerability and inequality.

All internationalisation activities constitute means and tools for students, as well as for the faculty members, to be able to develop and apply global, humanitarian perspectives in the main field of the programs and subjects. The Swedish Red Cross University's aim to participate in Erasmus focuses to a high extent on increased mobility of students and staff. However, we also want to open for possible future participation in partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices within the Erasmus programme.

One way to realise this is to establish and run joint courses in different fields of nursing with higher education institutions in other countries.