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Labour market participation, social insurance and mental health

Many European countries have experienced dramatic demographic changes due to increasing global migration. In Sweden, around one fifth of all inhabitants are first or second generation migrants today. Moreover, more than 150 000 persons have sought asylum in 2015 in Sweden. This development puts issues of public health, including public mental health and issues of labour market integration of migrants on the agenda. Still, research regarding both mental ill-health, migration and labour market marginalisation has been considered to be underdeveloped.

This project aims to scrutinize 1) pathways to labour market marginalisation with and without a migration background; 2) the role of socio-economic status, mental disorders, mental health care and treatment as well as social insurance regulations in these pathways and 3) health development following marginalisation. A special focus is also put on refugees and suicidal behaviour. The study populations comprise of individuals resident in Sweden with information on mental health, socio-demographics, health care and treatment, migration status and labour market marginalisation through linkage of Swedish registers.

Project members: 

Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz, Associate Professor, Project Leader
Magnus Helgesson, Postdoctoral Researcher
Thomas Niederkrotenthaler, Associate Professor