Publicerad: 02 Jan 2023
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Organization for a safe future researcher



Tommy Carlsson, project leader, lead researcher. Tommy is the project leader and lead researcher. He is a licensed midwife, intensive care nurse and associate professor at the college of the Red Cross. Tommy’s research is about how we can improve the health of marginalized or vulnerable groups. Through his research, he wants to make good care available and for ta broad competence among healthcare professionals who meet people in need of support. He also researches how to improve health and care information and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Tel +46(0)858751621


Maria Gottvall, scientist Maria is a scientist in the project. She’s a licensed midwife, registered nurse, and an assistant professor at the Red Cross college. Maria’s research focusses on the mental health of people with a refugee background and how we can improve the health of people with traumatic experiences of war and flight. Maria has also done research related to the needs of other vulnerable groups for care and support and in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

Tel: +46(0)858751657


Maria Jirwe, Professor Maria Jirwe is a researcher in the project. She is an intensive care nurse and professor at the Red Cross university. Maria’s research is primarily about cultural competence and cultural care meetings. Through her research, Maria wants to improve the cultural care competence of healthcare personnel and therapy enabled well-functioning cultural encounters in healthcare.

Tel: +46(0)8-58751640


Rogers Kissiti, Research Assistant. Rogers is a research assistant in the project.