About the research

Publicerad: 13 Dec 2022
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Research within the Project 

By means of different methods, we hope to create more knowledge that is relevant for healthcare professionals, researchers, and our target group. We collect data through methods such as interviews, surveys, and group discussions.  

People with lived experience  

Several of our studies are aimed at people who have fled their home countries and who identify as LGBTQ+. By conducting individual interviews with people with lived experiences of identifying as LGBTQ+ and having to flee their home, we hope to reach a deeper understanding of their situation and their needs.

The definitive purpose of our research is to understand and describe the situation and needs of our target group. We are genuinely interested in learning more about their psychosocial situation and need for support and to understand what can be done to better help them and meet their needs.

Among other things we want to investigate their support when arriving in Sweden, and whether this support corresponds with their perceived needs after arrival. We also want to investigate how they perceive and experience the treatment and competence among healthcare professionals and what type of discrimination they may have faced. 

Health Professionals  

We want to understand and learn more about the challenges and opportunities that exist in the care of people who identify as LGBTQ+ and have traumatic experiences of fleeing their home country. To achieve this, we will turn to health care professionals who work with support and treatment of these individuals, to investigate what challenges and opportunities they perceive.  
Data collection will be done via group discussions, individual interviews, and surveys. 


To understand and learn more about how education should be designed prepare students who meet individuals who have fled and identify as LGBTQ+, we will turn to students and teachers at nursing programs.

Data collection will be done via group discussions and surveys.