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David Hallberg

New publication by David Hallberg

New research by David Hallberg published in the "Caracteres" journal.

Telecentres in Bolivia: a focus on women (Telecentros en Bolivia: la atención en las mujeres) 

The aim of this study was to highlight the importance of the users of telecentres – especially the women – to ensure socially sustainable telecentres. Findings suggest that most users are students and women. Carrying out further field work will allow monitoring of these women to see if they can motivate other women to start going to the telecentres, and if this behaviour of women reflects changes in the traditional model of gender. 

Läs mer: Hallberg, D. Telecentros en Bolivia: la atención en las mujeres/Telecentres in Bolivia: a focus on women (2016). Caracteres, 5(2), 145-167