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The Swedish Red Cross University College founded in 1867 was the first non-religious nursing education in Sweden.
The Swedish Red Cross University College founded in 1867 was the first non-religious nursing education in Sweden.
Publicerad: 19 May 2021
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For over 150 years we have trained nurses with competence and aptness for global work and contributed to the improvement of Swedish healthcare.

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The Swedish Red Cross University College is one of Sweden’s most attractive higher educational institutions in nursing. Here, students do not only get a good education but also an international perspective that is both interesting and challenging.

We have an inclusive work environment where our students are represented in working groups that promote the development of the education. Today, around 80 people work at the university college, and we have about 850 students enrolled.

We cherish our history and are proud to observe all nurses who wear the Red Cross’ nurse brooch in their working life.

Nursing programme with a global profile

The nursing programme at the Swedish Red Cross University College has a global profile. We provide nurses knowledge and competence to conduct change and development work in a global landscape – with a scientific, professional, and norm-conscious approach.

Our education is based on the principles of the international Red Cross movement with its focus is on humanity, impartiality, and neutrality. These principles mean preventing and relieving human suffering, protecting life and health, and safeguarding respect for human dignity. Local and global perspectives are integrated into all our courses, and students have the opportunity to conduct parts of their studies abroad.

The nursing programme is run mostly in Swedish.

Specialist nursing programmes: intensive care, psychiatric care and infectious disease care

At the Swedish Red Cross University College, nurses can also further their education as a specialist nurse. We have programmes in intensive care, psychiatric care and infectious disease care. The programme in infection disease care being the first in Sweden.
In addition to a professional degree as a specialist nurse, our educations lead to a master’s degree in nursing. Regardless of the programme, the graduate nurse will be well prepared to work in current and future healthcare, nationally as well as internationally.

Focus on vulnerability, diversity, humanity and global perspectives

The Swedish Red Cross University College wants to prepare students to become nurses with the skills and readiness to work in and develop future care and nursing activities, both nationally and internationally.
In line with the idea of the international Red Cross movement, we want the examined nurse to have special knowledge about working with vulnerable people in all communities, working to avert disasters and also have preparedness for disaster emergency relief and international health programmes.

As part of the Red Cross movement, focus on vulnerability, diversity, humanity and global perspectives is central to all educations.

Global health and global nursing

Our keywords are consistency, quality and globalism and our profile areas are global health and global nursing.

Global health is an interdisciplinary field for a wide range of evidence-based practice and research that addresses the health issues that have the potential to transcend national, state and geographical boundaries. The primary goal of global health is equality in and improvement of the health of people, groups, and populations worldwide. Global health is defined by multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches and methods in which health is considered in the perspective of the individual, the community and the environment.

Global nursing concerns developing knowledge about health, nursing, people, suffering and ecology in a local and international context. The profile area is defined by promotion, activism and sustainable development, meaning an active use of knowledge and methods that include norm-conscious approaches to counteract inequality and social injustice. Ultimately, expertise in global nursing aims to alleviate suffering, safeguard human dignity and contribute to the health of current and future generations.


At the Swedish Red Cross University College, research is conducted in a wide range of subjects with particular expertise in global and humanitarian health issues – nationally and internationally.

The university has a clear social responsibility and global commitment in research with special initiatives aimed at promoting social inclusion and equality in health.


The Swedish Red Cross University College has experience of close collaborations with various actors – nationally and internationally. We collaborate with the Red Cross, municipalities, and county councils in the Stockholm region, as well as other universities.

The university’s global profile link people together around the world and prepares students for work locally and globally. Our collaboration also takes place at different levels in the organisation, from the management level to administration, education and research.

Our international collaborations make it possible for the students in the nursing programme to apply for studies abroad – both for theoretical courses as well as work-based education. The Swedish Red Cross University College has mutual agreements directly with partner universities in Tanzania, Colombia, United Kingdom, Spain and Japan, among other countries. We also participate in major exchange programmes such as Erasmus+, Linnaeus-Palme and Minor Field Studies.

Stockholm city and our campus

Stockholm is built on fourteen islands and surrounded by water. It is also a green city with many parks and a vibrant student life. Sweden is also a highly ranked country within higher education with its well-renowned universities and university colleges.

The Swedish Red Cross University College is located in modern premises on Campus Flemingsberg in Stockholm.