Janet Mattsson

Publicerad: 11 May 2021
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Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Health Sciences
Phone: +46(0)8 587 516 28
E-mail: janet.mattsson@rkh.se
ORCID: 0000-0002-4091-3432
Dissertation year: 2013
Thesis: Uncovering pain and caring for children in the pediatric intensive care unit : nurses’ clinical approach and parent’s perspective

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Janet-Mattsson

About me

I am a senior lecturer and Associate professor in nursing and program director for the postgraduate program in specialist nursing intensive care at the Swedish Red Cross University. I mainly teach and conduct research in the subject of technical care science, which is an interdisciplinary subject and under our research technology and health. I am also a member of the Committee for Education and Research.

Research profile

My research mainly involves people's active participation and participation from a nursing and health perspective in a high-tech environment. I explore how technological development and digitization affect learning, health care and health in everyday life, for professions, institutions and society. Researching how technological development affects learning, health care and health means I'm interested in interactive processes that take place in a high-tech environment for longer or shorter time and what this means for nursing development in education, clinics and homes.

I am also a research group leader for the research group MENT, Medical Education and Nursing Care in Technological environments, which is part of the Research Council of the Red Cross University of Health and Technical Development. I participate in a number of projects, national as well as international. Currently, I am a research leader for the project "See Me, Listen to Me, Meet Me", which focuses on the ability of children, parents, and employees to participate, self-determination and learning in different clinical contexts and from different actors’ perspectives. There is also a PhD student in the project.

Brief facts

  • I am a member of NOFI's board
  • I am the research group leader for MENT
  • I mainly conduct qualitative studies
  • I am interdisciplinary and conduct research in nursing and care pedagogy
  • I am a member of the ANIVA association's pedagogical council