Henrik Eriksson

Publicerad: 22 Apr 2021
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Title: Professor in nursing
Department: Health Sciences
Phone: +46 (0)8 587 516 70E-mail: henrik.eriksson@rkh.se
ORCID: 0000-0002-0335-3472
Dissertation year: 2002
Thesis: Eriksson, H. (2002). Den diplomatiska punkten: maskulinitet som kroppsligt identitetsskapande projekt i svensk sjuksköterskeutbildning (PhD dissertation). Göteborg.

About me

I am a trained assistant nurse, RNT and PhD since 2002. I became associate professor in nursing 2008 and holds a professorship in nursing at the Red Cross University College since 2012 and as guest professor at University West since 2020.

Research profile

The main research addresses the advancement -and tensions- the postmodern time, spaces and perspectives generates for nursing knowledge.

Brief facts

  • Contributing author to a dozen university textbooks
  • Member of editorial board of The Nordic Journal of Nursing Research (NJNR)
  • Member of the research networks: Critical Dementia network, Scandinavian Network for Research of Health Care Discourses and Redcross / Red Cresent Research Network.
  • Contributing author in over 70 scientific publications


Salzmann-Erikson, M., & Eriksson, H. (2021). Netnography in the Healthcare and nursing sector. In Netnography Unlimited : Understanding technoculture Using Qualitative Social Media Research (1st ed., pp. 71–82). New York: Taylor & Francis Group.

Boman, Å., Dahlborg, E., Eriksson, H., & Tengelin, E. (2021). The resonable patient : A Swedish discourse construction. Nursing Inquiry, 1–9.

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